Savoir-faire and expertise of a jeweller

Since the day Alexandre Rosenberg founded his uniquely bespoke jewellery brand, he has always been driven by one goal: transforming a vision into an object that conveys poetry, elegance and significance; turning an idea into a precious companion that becomes the secret holder or messenger of the greatest emotions.


Alexandre Rosenberg is a passionate jeweller, stone setter and designer, who opened his manufacturing and setting workshop in 2007, just after graduating from the most renowned jewellery art schools of France and Belgium. At that time, he sharpened his technical virtuosity by shaping magnificent jewellery for the most prestigious houses of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Today, Alexandre Rosenberg brings out the beauty of gems and of noble materials through his own contemporary, classic and timeless creations. Each piece that he designs transcribes his fascination with precious stones, his outstanding expertise and his dedication to excellence.
In thirteen years of existence, the Alexander Rosenberg brand has forged its reputation by cultivating an intimate stylistic identity, while developing a collection of exclusive jewellery. The brand is now taking the concept of jewellery customisation to another level thanks to its innovative website; a place of inspiration and creation for those who wish to acquire the exceptional: a one-of-a-kind jewel that echoes their personality.


The core values that govern the functioning and organization of the Alexandre Rosenberg workshop is independence. Free of any external pressure, the brand places customer relationship's at the heart of its priorities and guarantees uncompromising quality, both in terms of products and services. In fact, every order is handled with the greatest attention and care.
Juggling between tradition and innovation, the skilful hands of the atelier - located in the city-centre of Luxembourg - employ the latest technology and most advanced tools to conceive remarkable jewels. Every Alexandre Rosenberg piece of jewellery is unique, customized and lifetime guaranteed. Indeed, each one comes with a certificate and bears a laser-engraved identification number.


Alexander Rosenberg is a signature of luxury craftsmanship that celebrates a combination of the extraordinary, unique, future and past.

Member of the Federation of Master Watchmakers-Jewellers of Luxembourg

Made in Luxembourg official label holder (all brands jewellery is totally manufactured in Luxembourg)