For thousands of years gemstones have been fascinating people with their beauty, rarity, mystery and the splendour of their colours and shine.

Choosing a gemstone is no easy task. Several criteria must be taken into consideration and their importance will vary from one person to another: colours, trends, price or perhaps more symbolic or spiritual considerations. In our guide to gemstones we have tried to give you the most precise and complete information about the different areas, which may be of use to you when making your decision. Whatever your choice, we will put all our efforts into bringing out the best in the gemstone you select and giving you complete satisfaction.

We work in direct collaboration with the most renowned diamond and gemstones cutters. The quality and the long-term nature of our relationships allow us to get the best offers in terms of prices and gemstones quality. The irreproachable reputation of our suppliers allows us to guarantee you the legal provenance of diamonds and gemstones, thereby excluding the possibility of any direct or indirect financial backing of conflicts in compliance with UN resolutions.