Men's and Women's Pendants Collection

A necklace - a graceful yet bold ornament worn about the neckline to make a statement and create purpose. A necklace is an art form, jewellery that tells a story, writes a poem, and adds magic to the air.

A pendant necklace stimulates the minds of those wear it and the minds of those who have the rare chance to behold it. It is a significant object of perfection, meant to reveal a mystery or touch a soul. It speaks louder than words and complements the simplest or most elegant of apparel. It captivates its observers and inspires those in its presence. 

Zayane Round diamonds, 4 to 10 mm

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Zayane. Solitaire diamond pendant

Zodiac Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, burnish-set

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Zodiac. Blue sapphire and diamond Aquarius pendant

Vega Trilliant cut diamonds, 5 to 10 mm, bezel-set

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Vega. Bezel-set trilliant cut diamond pendant